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Design Jam Dublin

Twenty five designers, developers, techies and geeks assembled at ‘Furious Tribe’s’ offices in Dublin, on Saturday morning August 31st 2012 to examine how we might use this city in 2042. Unfortunately, there were no crystal balls available so we would … Continue reading

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Falling for Vietnam – Introduction

Vietnam has such a visceral mix of diversity, culture, pride, warmth and determination. As we’ve reflected on our journey through the country, we thought the best way to relay the experience, was to tell the story of getting to know … Continue reading

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Japan at 300km per hour

At the moment, we’re hurtling though the landscape at 300km per hour on a bullet train travelling to Kagoshima on the southern tip of Japan. In this region there are more temples and shrines than churches in Ireland, with each … Continue reading

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What is the Point of Going to Japan?

Why would a person want to travel to a country that is so expensive, difficult to navigate and a potential radiation threat? The usual comforts of food are represented by symbols, people look at you strangely as if you’ve landed … Continue reading

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