Design Around the World

We have designed our journey around the world, to evaluate the business and culture in our chosen contexts. The subjects of art and economics are of particular interest because of their apparent polarity, yet in their difference, we want to understand their connections. The destinations include: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Tibet, Nepal, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

On the journey, I would like to gain a better understanding of people’s motivations and what makes them happy – Is it companionship, children, food, holidays or aspects that I have no idea of yet?


What is driving business, demand and need?

What is the work that’s occupying people?

What are the trends in the movement of manufacturing?

Where is the growth of the free-lancer evident?

What businesses really care about their customers?

How is the world been communicated to?

What are the messages? Does it play on our insecurities?

What is a good environment for business development?

What countries have design as part of their branding?


What are the forces that have shaped cultures?

Who are the individuals that have created history?

What are our traditions and rituals?

what makes us all the same? what makes us different,

How do people create homes in different places and landscapes?

Is design important? Is it the reserve of the wealthy? Or is it a survival instinct by those with limited means?

What are the differences between how cites work, why do some work better?

How has landscape formed peoples outlook, perceptions, interactions?

What should we be doing differently, what could we be doing better?

What are the greatest challenges that the world faces, where are the opportunities?


These are some of the questions that I would like to reflect on during and after the journey.

About Gemma Ginty

Service Designer // Architect // Strategist // Interested in cities, interactions and the ephemeral
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